The Veterans Family Program:

These programs help provide the disadvantaged Veterans and their families with essential services such as food for the family, various hygiene products, clothes and school items for their children. These  baskets nurture a family of 4 for a week.

To sponsor a basket:
1 basket is $180.00 2 for $360.00
½ basket is $90.00
¼ basket is $50.00

  The Shut-In Veterans:

Our care baskets are provided for  veterans in the hospital or hospices who may never be self supporting. Our baskets include bathrobes, slippers, underwear, t-shirts, socks, night clothes, games, books, magazines, candy and cookies.

Full basket is $75.00

Half basket is $40.00

Third basket is $25.00

Our Veteran’s Direct Services Program:

The United Veterans Association helps provide rental assistance, counseling referrals, warm clothing for winter, phone and electrical assistance, food baskets and care baskets for our most disadvantaged Veterans.